Create a Comfortable Bed for Your Pets

Give them a warm spot to sleep with animal bedding pellets in Blaine, Caribou, Mars Hill, Presque Isle, ME & surrounding areas.

You want to create a safe, warm and comfortable place for your pets to bed down at night. Northern Dispatch Energy sells animal bedding pellets in Blaine, Caribou, ME & surrounding areas. These dense wood and sawdust pellets work well in animal pens, barns and stalls and are easy to clean up. Additionally, they support weight well and provide a shock-absorption layer for your animal's feet.

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We have 40 lb. bags available for $6.50 per bag or $300.00 per ton.

EZ Equine Animal Bedding - 40 lb. bag

Cash or Credit:
$6.50 per bag
$300.00 per ton

$6.70 per bag
$315.00 per ton